The Power of Real World Evidence (RWE) Transforming real-world healthcare data into knowledge is essential to improve health.

He application of advanced Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies in RWE allows professionals to make decisions based on advanced descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics applied to diverse data sources (such as digital health records, IoT data, applications, etc).

The power of Real World Evidence (RWE)

RWE solutions based on real-world data become valuable tools for healthcare organizations and professionals, helping them make the best clinical and management decisions. Ultimately improving patient health and efficiency in the healthcare sector.

With Real World Evidence, information and data collected in real healthcare settings, beyond controlled clinical trials from sources such as electronic medical records, health insurance databases and healthcare information systems, allows us to gain valuable insights into the effectiveness, safety and outcomes of treatments and therapies under real-world conditions.

How does Real World Evidence benefit the healthcare industry?

Representativeness of the population

Unlike clinical trials that usually include limited and specific samples, RWE offers a more complete and representative view of the population. This allows the effectiveness and safety of treatments to be evaluated in diverse groups of patients, including those with specific comorbidities and demographic characteristics.

Long-term outcomes analysis

RWE gives us the ability to conduct long-term follow-up of patients in actual clinical practice, allowing us to assess long-term treatment outcomes, identify potential long-term side effects, and better understand the impact of medical interventions over time.

Supporting informed decision making

RWE provides practical, real-life experience-based evidence, helping healthcare professionals make more informed and personalized decisions, tailoring treatments to the specific needs and characteristics of each patient. In addition, RWE can help health policy makers make evidence-based decisions, improving planning and resource allocation in the healthcare system.

Identifying patterns and trends

By analyzing large volumes of real-world data, RWE makes it possible to identify patterns and trends in clinical practice. This can lead to important discoveries about new therapies, more effective treatment approaches and potential risk factors. These insights can drive innovation and improve overall healthcare.
Real World Evidence has revolutionized the way we address health challenges by providing a broader and more practical view of the effectiveness and safety of medical interventions. By harnessing the power of RWE, we can drive innovation, improve decision-making and deliver quality care.
As a technology company committed to quality data management, we are committed to maximizing the potential of Real World Evidence to transform your organization’s healthcare and improve patients’ lives.
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