Experts in AI and Big Data

Our Solutions 360º service with technological solutions that adapt to your needs

We have extensive experience applying Artificial Intelligence and Big Data techniques for the development of healthcare solutions and projects.

Our deep knowledge of the latest technologies allows us to offer you a comprehensive service composed of a range of solutions that adapt to each of your needs. We are the perfect partner to digitally transform your organization.

Our Solutions
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Data Integration and Consolidation

With the integration we manage to unify data residing in multiple sources providing users with a global vision and helping to solve the technical problems of data ingestion through secure connections.

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Data Lifecycle Management

We manage the quality of your data, from its creation to its consumption, establishing and guaranteeing its governance. In this way, we focus on the search for valuable information for your company.

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Data Mining and Taxonomies

We work with the creation of common patterns with a large volume of data, obtaining from them, classifications and common relationships, as well as detecting anomalies thanks to data mining.

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Intelligent Virtual Assistants

The best communication with a natural dialogue of text and/or voice and with a single homogenized speech. Optimize your customers’ experience with a Multichannel platform in the same panel and Multilingual.

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Analytics and Data Monitoring

We analyze the most relevant metrics and track all of them in real time, offering you a unified view of your most relevant data so that you can access a single source of complete information.

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Machine Learning and Deep Learning

We work with the use of Neural Network algorithms, with Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques and with the classification and subsequent analysis of data in image, audio and video format.

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Image and Video Processing

We work together with Machine Learning and Deep Learning tools and the use of Computer Vision techniques to achieve the extraction of features and their classification in real time.