Data is health!

OUR BIG DATA TECHNIQUES Improve clinical management based on quality data

Through the application of our Big Data techniques we establish Business Intelligence in your organization so that you can make the best decisions based on the information provided.

Big Data enables healthcare providers and healthcare administrators to dig deeper and and learn more about their patients and the care they provide.  Healthcare analytics based on quality data helps managers operate better by providing real-time information that can support decisions and provide actionable insights.
The importance of analyzing data in the healthcare sector
By analyzing healthcare data, you can predict trends, improve outreach and even better manage the spread of disease. We distinguish between three types of analytics that can be applied to healthcare: descriptive, predictive and prescriptive.

Descriptive analytics

It consists of storing and aggregating historical data, visualizing it in a way that can help to understand the current and past state of the organization. This type of analytics makes it possible to visualize how patients are distributed geographically, to observe the historical evolution of the sector, to calculate and visualize different KPIs or even to find out which people are most influential in a corporate communication network.

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics builds on descriptive analytics and uses advanced statistical models to estimate unknown or uncertain business data. Predictive analytics strengthens business decisions and allows your organization to anticipate patient demands, as well as discover peer groups of patients with similar characteristics or symptoms.

Prescriptive analytics

Last but not least, prescriptive analytics is the highest level of analytics and exploits the previous ones together with optimization strategies to improve the management of your organization, indicating which actions will provide the best results. Thanks to prescriptive analytics we can collect information from your organization, predicting on the basis of this information what impact the different policies or actions to be taken will have, and choosing the policy with the highest return on investment.

Big Data 5P medicine
Information extracted from quality data sets has the potential to achieve 5P Medicine: personalized, participatory, preventive, predictive and population-based.

Population Medicine

Easy access to health information by citizens ensures a useful healthcare system available to the entire population.

Personalized Medicine

Possessing large datasets on patients allows us to know their needs much more precisely.

Participatory Medicine

With the information generated by data analysis, greater involvement of all patients is achieved and diagnoses and treatments are improved.

Preventive Medicine

With the information generated by data analysis, greater involvement of all patients is achieved and diagnoses and treatments are improved.

Predictive Medicine

With the analysis of data belonging to previous diagnoses, the ability to predict diseases is obtained and, therefore, the opportunity to save lives.

The application of so-called Big Data techniques makes it possible to infer a layer of intelligence, in which the application of predictive models that help to anticipate healthcare needs and provide more effective medical care is of particular relevance.
The Benefits of Big Data in Healthcare
Big Data provides important advantages to hospitals, medical centers, clinics, laboratories and health research centers. Among the most important benefits of Big Data in the healthcare sector,  at Health OneClick we highlight 6:

360º vision

You get a much more accurate view of the sector and the needs of your patients.

Personalized attention

The patient care service is much more efficient and personalized.


Better marketing campaigns based on information about patients' needs and preferences.


Allows the healthcare professional to monitor their work in real time.


Data-driven decisions improve the efficiency and profitability of your business.

Data optimization

You get reliable and accessible data that brings profitability to your organization.
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