"Transforming Healthcare Data into Knowledge"

We help companies in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry to make valuable data-driven decisions. Big Data | Artificial Intelligence | Real World Evidence | Data Driven / Innovation

We use advanced predictive models based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, PLN, Data Mining, which allow us to anticipate the needs to enhance and understand the Real World Evidence in order to improve the health of patients and transform you into a Data Driven company”.

Do you want to start basing all your decisions on valuable data?

Explore how Health OneClick is able to support companies in the complete management of their data and decision making based on quality data from RWD, as well as a team of specialists with expertise in data management at all stages. The integration of all components makes our platform a powerful RWE-based data analysis solution that will provide you with a holistic view.

Here are our 5 keys to achieving your goals:

Transforming real-world health data into knowledge is essential to improving health.

Get the full value from your data

We specialize in managing data throughout its lifecycle to get the most out of it and enable you to make the best decisions.

Work with interoperability

We automate ingestion, extraction and storage, offering a global vision and guaranteeing interoperability and system integration, protecting medical information in real time.

Your data 100% anonymized

With the latest technologies we ensure that your organization benefits from working with secure data, without compromising patient privacy and in compliance with RGPD regulations.

Get the most out of AI

With AI tools you can generate more accurate diagnoses and early disease detection, improving patient care and the medical research process.

Become a Data Driven Organization

Our ultimate goal is for your company to enjoy accessibility to data, so you can base your decisions on advanced, descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Today there is an avalanche of health information and data that can be leveraged to get an accurate picture of each patient’s needs. At Health OneClick, we have advanced technologies (AI/PLN, ML, DL) and a consolidated platform to manage, store, transform health data and visualize insights from RWD/RWE.

We integrate data from any source, allowing us to identify patterns and trends in clinical practice. This helps professionals make valuable decisions, improve patient care, strengthen privacy protection and increase efficiency.

The life cycle value of patient data

As experts in patient data lifecycle management, we know that this process is of fundamental value in the healthcare sector, as it allows the collection, storage and proper management of information related to a patient’s health over time.
Valor en el ciclo de vida de los datos
The phases of the data life cycle:
  • PHASE 1: Collect and organize the new data
  • PHASE 2: Perform data processing and subsequent data analysis
  • PHASE 3: Anonymize sensitive data
  • PHASE 4: Use data to make intelligent decisions and predictions
  • PHASE 5: Monitor results and follow up the patient
The lifecycle of patient data provides a solid foundation for medical research, population health monitoring and health policy development based on Real World Evidence.

¿Por qué convertirse en una organización “Data Driven”?

We are all aware of the importance of anonymizing sensitive patient data, as well as the need to obtain valuable healthcare data to improve the quality of healthcare services. However, it is essential to emphasize the value of people, existing skills and adaptation to the digital transformation of any organization.

Therefore, we distinguish 3 essential pillars that every healthcare needs to be Data Driven:

Data Lifecycle

The first step is to understand data, its value and importance and treat it as such, involving the entire organization. Effective data management requires not only trained staff, but also a solid technological infrastructure. In order to start working with healthcare data securely and efficiently, it must first be anonymized (based on the General Data Protection Regulation) so that patient information is never exposed.

Human Environment

Digital training is very important in a Data Driven environment. We must teach patients to be responsible for the quality of their own data, as this will provide more information about their condition, being able to monitor it. At the same time, it is equally important to train healthcare professionals, so that they learn to operate with the new technologies, as well as to incorporate more technical professionals with greater knowledge of the new technologies.

Process governance

Consolidating process management initiatives and standards is essential to move together towards a common goal. It is necessary to determine who is the decision-maker in the processes, as well as the roles and responsibilities of each employee. For governance to be successful, new ways of managing processes must be implemented on a daily basis and the organization must undergo a cultural change.

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